Brands Carried

CBD American Shaman

American Shaman CBD is a company specializing in the production and sale of CBD (cannabidiol) products, derived from hemp. Their product line includes a variety of items like oils, creams, gummies, and other CBD-infused products aimed at wellness and health benefits. They emphasize the use of high-quality, terpene-rich hemp oil, and their products are often marketed for their potential to relieve stress, anxiety, pain, and other ailments. American Shaman CBD is known for its commitment to organic, non-GMO hemp and for using advanced technology for product extraction and manufacturing. 

Zen Master

At CBD American Shaman, we are proud to feature Zen Master, a brand renowned for its commitment to quality in the Delta 8 market. Founded by an expert in cannabis, Zen Master offers a range of products crafted from premium American hemp. Adhering to the 2018 Farm Bill, they ensure legal compliance with less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC in their products. Their expert team, including dedicated growers and chemists, focuses on delivering safe, potent, and legal Delta 8 experiences. Zen Master's dedication to excellence makes them a perfect fit for our store's commitment to providing the best in the market. 


Puffco specializes in high-quality dab rigs and vaping tools, offering a variety of devices. They feature a range of products including limited editions, accessories, and merchandise. Puffco emphasizes their commitment to innovative design and technology in the cannabis concentrate space, catering to both enthusiasts and newcomers. 

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