FAQ Delta 8

What's Delta 8?

With the industrial hemp plant, you've got over 100 cannabinoids. You're familiar with some of the popular cannabinoids, such as THC or CBD, and one of the other cannabinoids in the plant is called Delta 8 THC. But, Delta 8 THC is different from the “THC” you're familiar with on-the-streets. When you're smoking marijuana, that THC is called Delta 9 THC.

What is the difference between Delta 8 and Delta 9?

First to start with legality, Delta 8 is federally legal-- if it's derived from hemp. Though, if it's derived from marijuana, then it's actually federally illegal. Any part of the industrial hemp plant that has less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC is okay to possess by federal law due to the Farm Bill of 2018. Delta 9 THC exceeding 0.3% is considered marijuana which is a controlled substance, and that would be considered federally illegal. Some US States have strict regulations with Delta 9 and it can’t be shipped across state borders.

However, Delta 8 is actually federally legal and you can buy it, sell it and ship Delta 8 THC over state borders. You can buy Delta 8 online and you don't need any specific license to sell it. Some states have explicitly banned Delta 8 though so make sure to check your local laws (resource below).

Where does Delta 8 THC come from?

Zen Master gets our Delta 8 THC from the hemp plant which is grown and harvested from our network of legal industrial hemp farms located in the United States. The Delta 8 then undergoes an ethanol extraction during the transformation process for our base used to produce D8 crispy treats, D8 nano caramels, D8 nano gummies and D8 nano water solubles. The Delta 8 THC flower (also used for D8 tea, tea sticks, and D8 preroll) undergoes a strict process, too, for quality assurance (QA) and consistency. Either way, stringent QA guidelines are in place throughout the entire process so the customer can count on a consistent, high-quality product.

What does Delta 8 THC feel like?

Delta 8 has been said to provide a more focused psychoactive effect -- nothing similar to using marijuana. Delta 8 provides a more gradual calm.

With something like a marijuana THC edible, you may feel paranoid, anxiety or maybe even feel a bit dizzy. Some people don't like those effects, and that's why a lot of people use CBD. Now you've got Delta 8 THC which acts the same way as with THC except it doesn't have all those paranoid feelings as with high-levels of Delta 9.

Can Delta 8 be shipped?

Delta 8 can be shipped across state borders. Zen Master ships to customers anywhere where Delta 8 THC can be legally purchased online. Certain US States have restrictions, though, so it’s important to review the legalities before being surprised at Checkout.

Also, it’s important to choose a Delta 8 brand with the proper licenses and infrastructure. Seed to sale traceability along with third-party lab reports as you get with Zen Master will help you go into your purchase experience with confidence instead of dangers of your order being confiscated as have been the case with other Delta 8 brands out there.

Where is Delta 8 available?

With Delta 8 being federally legal due to the passing of the Farm Bill 2018, you’re finding Delta 8 is becoming more widely available. Delta 8 THC is now available in all legal states (see below) and can be purchased online in the United States.

Why is Delta 8 legal?

Delta 8 is now legal because the Farm Bill of 2018 protects any part of the hemp plant, including the seeds, derivatives, extract, cannabinoids, isomers, acids, salts of isomers as long as it's below 0.3% Delta 9 THC on a dry weight basis. Further, the language of the Farm Bill specifies that its congressional protection supersedes the classifications found in the Controlled Substance Act which is why Delta 8 is federally legal now, and quickly being adopted more on a State-level.

Where is Delta 8 illegal?

Even though federally legal, Delta 8 is not legal in all states. Most US States currently allow the sale of Delta 8 THC Products, and more States are passing new bills to make it more legal across state lines. Learn more about the differences by reading the Legality of Delta 8 by State.

How do I accept payments for Delta 8 Products?

Since many payment processors have different requirements for processing payments, you need to speak with your payment processor for specific requirements. For CBD American Shaman Franchisees, you can review the help documents in the portal for an easy reference guide.

What Delta 8 THC is right for me?

Delta 8 comes in a variety of types of products, including, hemp sticks, teas, edibles and tinctures.